Diagnosis 4

Dealing With the Diagnosis _ If your child or young person DOES have DMD: Resources and therapies are available to help manage symptoms and possibly slow down the progression of the condition. If your child or young person DOES NOT have DMD: Your doctor will do more investigations into what else could be causing symptoms. […]

Diagnosis 3

What Will the Doctor Do to Diagnose DMD? _ How DMD is diagnosed Confirming signs and symptoms If Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is suspected, the first thing your family doctor will do is perform a physical exam to check for muscle weakness. They will also ask about delays in early developmental milestones, such as sitting, […]

Diagnosis 2

When is the Right Time to Talk to a Doctor? _ Helping your doctor reach a diagnosis Take these three steps to prepare for the doctor’s visit and help them determine whether it is DMD or another condition; Helping your doctor reach a diagnosis Understanding your family’s history of muscle disease and other conditions can […]

Diagnosis 1

How Do You Know It’s Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)? _ Only a doctor can make a DMD diagnosis. There are a specific set of steps the doctor will go through that will help them tell whether a patient has DMD. Doctors will look at: Signs and symptoms of DMD Results of a blood test for […]